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Spinner Ring

The main band of the ring is made from solid sterling silver, which not only provides durability but also a lustrous base for the overall design. The silver surface is treated with a patina finish, giving it a slightly aged and weathered appearance that adds character and depth to the piece. The patination process enhances the details of any engraved patterns or textures on the band, creating a visually appealing contrast between the darkened recesses and the polished raised areas.

What sets this spinner ring apart are the two smaller bands, known as spinners, that are integrated onto the main band. These spinners are also made from sterling silver and are designed to freely rotate around the central band. Each spinner is adorned with its own distinct texture or pattern, which complements the overall design of the ring.

This ring is a size 6.5.

Please email to request a different size.

Spinner Ring

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